We Distribute Eyewear

Since 2019, we distribute brand eyewear. We handle about 70 brands as of 2021. Please, contact us for further details.

Brands We Handle

  • Louvre
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What Is Louvre?

The brand concept of Louvre is to cover all kinds of eyewear regardless of shapes, colors and sizes. This allows buyers to purchase any types of eyewear in a single place.

  • - More than 70 brands including vintage
  • - Over 2,000 stocks
  • - Original Louvre brand eyewear
  • - 1000+ items sold

Grow Your Business With Us.

We partner with more than 50 optical businesses from all over the world, mainly in Europe, North America and Japan. We have been expanding our busienss radiply as our partners continue their businesses with us.

Happy partners.
Items Sold.
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